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MPHS Band Students Awarded Scholarships

//MPHS Band Students Awarded Scholarships

MPHS Band Students Awarded Scholarships

Twenty-two senior members of the Mount Pleasant High School Goin’ Gold Band were awarded scholarships totaling $526,800 to The University of Arkansas at Monticello.  All twenty-two students received a Band Scholarship, eighteen received an additional Jazz Band Scholarship, and eighteen received an additional Achievement Scholarship.

Those receiving scholarships include Madia Arredondo, Irene Barboza, Genesis Barrientos, Natalie Castillo, Danner Craft, Nestor Cruz, Hunter Mace, Jose C. Martinez, Marvy Martinez, Jose Mata, Marivet Mejia, Maria Mendez, Solomon Morgan, Marco Orona, Oscar Palacios, Luis Perez, Frank Pina, Jordan Prater, Jihsleiny Rios, Johnathan Segari, Evelyn Trejo, and Rebecca Yox.

“These students are very deserving of these scholarships,” said MPHS Head Band Director and Director of Fine Arts, Dr. Theodus Luckett III.

“They have worked very hard throughout their band career at MPHS.  This is a testament to the support they have received from MPISD Administration and the Mount Pleasant community.”

From left to right:
First Row:
Evelyn Trejo, Frank Pina, Madia Arredondo, Rebecca Yox, Oscar Palacios, and Solomon Morgan
Second Row:
Angel Perez, Abby Barboza, José Martinez, Marivet Mejia, Jihsleiny Rios, Natalie Castillo, Marvy Martinez
Third Row:
Johnathan Segari, Nestor Cruz, Jordan Prater, Jose Mata, Hunter Mace, Genesis Barrientos, Marco Orona.
Not pictured:  Danner Craft and Maria Mendez