Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

In 2015-2016, our district adopted the PBIS program to help improve our student’s social, emotional, and academic success by setting up positive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.

We are continuing the program with posters posted around campus for reminders of expectations, teaching the expectations to our students, and using an incentive program to reward good behaviors.

There will be “Caught Doing Good” tickets our staff will use to share when they have caught a student going above and beyond with good behaviors and exceeding our expectations.  Those students names will go into a drawing box for great prizes.  We will also have a grand prize at the end of the year.  Students who were caught doing good many times will be entered into a final drawing for the school year and one lucky winner will win our grand prize.

What is PBIS?
Team Roles & Responsibilities


We have an incentive program to help motivate our students and staff to strive to make our school better through our PBIS program.  This year teachers will nominate students using the PBIS “Caught Doing Good” tickets to be entered into drawings.  The student whose name is drawn will be able to pick from a variety of prizes.  We will have items such as sports balls (basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, football), pretty headbands, dangling earrings, plush throw blankets, chips, or popcorn.

Teachers should click on the “Ticket” button below, download, and save the document on your computer so you can fill in the information and give it back to Crystalla Anderson.  You are allowed to nominate as many students as you want.  If you run out of room on one sheet, just fill out another sheet.  It is also fine to nominate a student more than once on different days if you find they have gone above and beyond many times and deserve another nomination.  All tickets must be turned in by Thursday each week  so we can get them printed, separated, and put into the drawing box for Friday.

On Friday, Mrs. Anderson will have a drawing from the tickets for the week.  The students whose names are drawn will have their picture taken with the staff member that “caught them doing good”.  The pictures will be posted on our MPJH campus website under the section “Caught Doing Good Winners 2017-2018.” We will also be working on having them displayed on our TV monitors set up in the school.  These students will get to select a prize from the prize room.  Please encourage your students to set good goals and to work hard at getting tickets.  We would love to have an overflow in our drawings because our students are so awesome and keep doing a great job.


Caught Doing Good Winners 2017-2018

December 1, 2017

Elijah Rider was caught by Mrs. Barrios for turning in a lost ring.

Carolina Ramirez was caught by Mrs. Dyer for completing work and always being on task.

Lesley Lozano was caught by Mrs. Anderson for always doing her best to try and help other students.

November 17, 2017

Carlos Gallardo Gomez was caught by Coach Brown for always being willing to give a helping hand when needed.

Isabella Redfern was caught by Coach Sweeden when he saw her picking up trash in front of the school entrance.

Lariza Garza was caught by Mrs. Hosmer for volunteering to clean up another student’s spilled milk in the cafeteria.

November 3, 2017

Carlos Buitron was caught by Mrs. Garrison for finding a calculator in the library and turning it in.
Markeisha Kinney was caught by Mrs. Barrios for turning in a lost phone.
Isahi Ramirez was caught by Mr. Otero for finding a wallet with money and turning it into the office.
Ulices Chavez was caught by Mrs. Anderson for staying at the end of school to clean up the room and organize the shelves without being asked.

October 6, 2017

Zade Lloyd was caught by Mr. Otero when he found a wallet with money in it in the cafeteria and turned it into the office.
Greylin Goolsby was caught by Ms. Rodriguez for finding a phone in bathroom with money and turning it all in.
Carlos De Jesus was caught by Mrs. Walters when he stayed after school to help her clean up her room without being asked to do it.
Eli Smith was caught by Mr. Uribe for opening the door for students to come inside when it was time.

September 22, 2017

Arturo Perez was caught by Mrs. Sanchez for finding a phone in the lab and turning it in.

Jacob Bristow was caught by Ms. Rodriguez finding a wallet and turning it into the office.
Trinity Brannon was caught by Ms. Boyd for helping her by leading dance class while their teacher was out for maternity leave.

Lynquenesia Norman was caught by Mrs. Stayton when she noticed a lost new student and went over and took her to her class.