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Important Message:

SunGard Public Sector (Home Access Center Vendor) informed the district of an App advertised on the Apple iTunes store as “easyHAC”.  This application is not affiliated with SunGard’s Home Access Center application used by MPISD.

Please do not provide your HAC login credentials to any App on the iTunes store, Android Play store or any other online app store unless directed by the district.  Below is the communication from SunGard.

Customer Support Update

Dear Valued Customer,

We have become aware of an application marketed as “easyHAC”, which is available in the iTunes store. The iTunes description of easyHAC is as follows:

easyHAC is the cheaper, more advanced alternative to other existing Home Access Center Apps. It allows both students and parents to view the Home Access Center (HAC), which contains information pertaining to things such as grades and attendance. All data is retrieved directly from the Home Access Center website as if you were using a browser.

We would like to make you aware that easyHAC is neither provided by, nor endorsed by SunGard, and SunGard cannot make any assurances regarding the security of any information provided to the third party provider of easyHAC.

Because SunGard is not affiliated with the third party provider of easyHAC, anyone who provides their SunGard Home Access Center credentials would not be protected by SunGard’s data security policies, procedures, and technology. Any information provided to the third party provider of easyHAC is at the user’s own risk.

We are concerned that students and parents may think that easyHAC is offered by SunGard. Accordingly, we ask you to communicate with your parents and students to let them know that easyHAC is not a SunGard product and that any SunGard Home Access Center information provided to a third party provider is at their own risk.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you need any further information.

Maria Barklage

Product Owner, eSchoolPLUS