E-Rate Category Two Request for Proposal for MPISD

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Mount Pleasant ISD Internal Connections

Mount Pleasant ISD (MPISD), an E-Rate eligible site, is requesting bids for Category two services/equipment to distribute broadband services to E-Rate eligible sites. This document is a Request for Proposal for E-Rate Category Two, Broadband Internal Connections, for the E-Rate year 2017-2018 establishing criteria. This will involve a bid for access points, networking equipment and cabling.



All vendors wishing to participate in this bid must have been awarded bidding contracts on one of the following contracted vendor cooperative lists in the state of Texas:

  • Department of Information Resources (DIR)
  • Region 8 The Inter-Local Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS)
  • Region 7 Purchasing Cooperative
  • The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)
  • BuyBoard (BB, endorsed by Texas Association of School Boards and Texas Association of School Administrators)
  • Texas Multiple Award Schedule Contracts (TMAS)
  • US Communities


  • Bids must include an itemized and detailed list of eligible services and materials required for data transmission as specified in the project scope. Details will include price per service or item, any discounts and sub-total price per item, total bid amount including any shipping costs.
  • Products and services must be operational and compatible with all network equipment brands used by MPISD.
  • Pricing must be valid for the entire E-Rate funding period of 2017-2018 E-Rate year which extends to June 30, 2018. Purchases will be made during the funding period at the discretion of MPISD.
  • Requested products and services may be contingent upon school board approval &/or E-Rate funding approval.
  • This is a turn-key project. It is the goal of MPISD to offer its staff and students a cost effective solution for the best available service.
  • It is preferred that the potentially bidding service provider have an operational presence within a 100-mile radius (or approximately a two-hour drive) of the provided services in order to maintain a high level of service support.
  • Bids are to be submitted to Noe Arzate, Director of Technology, either in a digital format (PDF ONLY emailed attachment) or in writing via certified mail.
  • Bids are due no later than Monday, January 30th, 2017, at 4:00pm. Any bids submitted outside of this submission window will not be awarded, but will be noted for documentation purposes.
  • See a complete list of terms on the RFP posted on this website.

E-Rate Terms

  • All terms and conditions as required by Universal Service Administration Company Schools and Library (USAC, E-Rate Program) must be met. Potential bidding service provider must have USAC portal access and Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN#) provided on bid response.
  • This bid may be used as an alternative for SPIN change or service substitutions, if needed. USAC does not allow school districts to receive discounts on redundant services.

Payment Terms

USAC funding commitments may experience a temporary funding delay depending on PIA review process. The potentially bidding vendor must agree to delay product orders and installation until an order request from MPISD.  The order request will come with 90 days of a funding commitment from USAC unless unplanned circumstances beyond the school’s control, for example construction projects, etc.  Any special construction, equipment or other considering factors required to fulfill the order must be included in the costs. The potential bidding vendor understands that hardware and services procurement by MPISD will be dependent on USAC funding commitment.

Service Level Agreement

If priced separately, the potentially bidding service provider must provide a detailed description of services and pricing including:

  • Service Measurements – Service Availability (uptime); service performance (throughput, response time and service quality (number of unscheduled outages, recovery plans, customer surveys, etc.).
  • Responsibilities of the Service Provider.
  • Responsibilities of the Client.
  • Any service maintenance schedules.
  • Service ability in proximity to MPISD.
  • Terms of cancellation or termination.
  • Samples of applicable Service Forms, Reports or Logs.
  • Describe any use of subcontractors.

Proposal Requirements:


Potential bidding service provides must submit an “Intention to Bid” form (see attached) for bid consideration.


  • Include pricing and contract allowances to increase bandwidth in 100Mb/s by request during the contract term with an annual review.
  • Include all E-Rate eligible interconnecting hardware such as port modules, patch cables, stacking modules, etc. required to interconnect with the leased fiber network on both ends.
  • Bids must offer multiple contract terms ranging from 1-5 years along with price considerations for longer terms if available.
  • Submitted bids must have the company logo, date bid is submitted and all company contact information all parties relating to Sales, Service, E-Rate, etc.
  • A complete copy of the contract terms.
  • Statement of Work / Services
  • List of References (minimum 3 – within state of Texas)
  • Pricing Worksheet– Point-to-Point Level Agreement, and any other services, if applicable.
  • Federal Tax ID certificate (W-9)