The Mount Pleasant High School UIL Academic team continued its season on Friday and Saturday, January 11th and 12th at the North Lamar Invitational in Paris.  Overall, the team took first place at the meet.

In Speech and Debate, the team placed first with more than double the points of the second place team.  In Policy Debate, Connelly Cowan and Taryn Thurman placed 1st, Audrey Courreges and Ryan Sharp placed 2nd, and Roberto Castellano and Taylor Hubbs placed 3rd.  Cowan was also named Top Speaker.  In NFL Lincoln Douglas debate, Caroline Rose placed 1st and Reid Pinckard placed 2nd.  In UIL Lincoln Douglas debate, Pinckard placed 5th and Rose placed 6th.  In Informative Speaking, Cowan placed 1st, Sharp placed 2nd, and Isabella Greco placed 4th.  In Prose Interpretation, Sharp placed 1st, Ja’Quacy Minter placed 2nd, and Skylee Ford placed 4th.  Minter also placed 1st in Poetry Interpretation.

The Spelling team took first place as a team.  Individually, Rocio Hernandez placed 1st, Taryn Thurman placed 2nd, Anna Harris placed 3rd, and Annie Le placed 5th.

The Math team took first place as a team.  Individually, Jose Liera placed 1st, David Barboza placed 4th, and Samip Poudel placed 5th in twelfth grade.  Shelby Courreges placed 1st in eleventh grade.  Miguel Segura placed 2nd in tenth grade.  And Nic Chappell placed 1st in ninth grade.  Overall, Jose Liera placed 1st, David Barboza placed 4th and Shelby Courreges placed 5th.

In Calculator Applications, MPHS took 2nd place as a team.  Individually, Jose Liera placed 2nd, David Barboza placed 3rd, Samip Poudel placed 4th and Israel Hernandez placed 6th in twelfth grade.  Sam Pearson placed 2nd in eleventh grade.  Patricia Roque placed 2nd, Miguel Segura placed 3rd, Sashi Poudel placed 4th and Nicholas Segovia placed 5th in tenth grade.  In ninth grade, Katie Ochoa placed 1st, Nic Chappell placed 2nd and Rachel Rodriguez placed 3rd.  Overall medalists were Jose Liera 1st, David Barboza 5th and Patricia Roque 6th place.

In Number Sense, MPHS took 2nd place as a team.  Jose Liera placed 2nd in twelfth grade, Miguel Segura placed 1st in tenth grade, and Nic Chappell placed 3rd in ninth grade.  Overall, Jose Liera placed 4th.

The Computer Science team placed 2nd.  Individually, David Barboza was 5th and Samip Poudel was 6th.

The Social Studies team placed first as a team.  Individually, Ezequiel Salazar placed 1st, Aner Baltazar placed 2nd, Karen Trejo placed 3rd, and Erica Salazar placed 4th.

The Current Events team of Audrey Courreges, Javier Martinez, Ryan Sharp and Caleb Ball placed first as a team.  Individually, Audrey Courreges placed 2nd.

In Ready Writing, Brooke Vaughn was 1st, Ezequiel Salazar was 3rd, and John Rodriguez was 5th.

In Journalism, the team finished in 2nd place.  Individually, Rebecca Yox placed 1st and Kylie Hedge placed 5th in Headlines.  In Copy Editing, Rebecca Yox placed 2nd, Taryn Thurman placed 3rd, and Kylie Hedge placed 5th.  In Editorial Writing, Rebecca Yox placed 2nd and Megan Adams placed 6th.  Rebecca Yox also placed 2nd in Feature Writing and 4th in News Writing.

In Literary Criticism, the team of Kylie Hedge, Gavin Rider and Samantha Santos placed 2nd.  Kylie Hedge placed 4th individually.

In Computer Applications, Blanca Antolin placed 4th, Maritza Quinones placed 5th and Blazan Miller placed 6th.

The MPHS UIL Academic team will compete again at the Lindale Invitational on January 18 and 19.

Pictured:  members of the MPHS UIL Academic team