Fourteen members of the Mount Pleasant High School Goin’ Gold Band were named to the Freshman All-Region Band after auditions at MPHS on Monday, December 9. In order to audition, students had to prepare two short technical pieces.

Those named to the Freshman All-Region Band include Manoa Bagsic, Sebastian Campos, Madison Carpenter, Ezequiel Castenada, Daniel Garcia, Luis Garcia, Juanita Gutierrez, Karli Hill, David Macareno, Marcela Mata, Luke Muskrat (8th grader made the 9th grade band), Alejandro Nava, Viridiana Portillo, and Madison Thompson.

Five students including Bagsic, Bowles, Carpenter, Hill, and Muskrat earned 1st chair for their respective instruments.

“I’m extremely proud of each student that auditioned,” said MPHS Head Band Director and Director of Fine Arts, Dr. Theodus Luckett III. “Their hard work and dedication to excellence continues to set them apart from all others. I’m truly honored to assist them on their musical journey.”

From left to right:
First Row: Alejandro Nava, Ezequiel Castaneda, Viridiana Portillo, Juanita Gutierrez, Karli Hill, Madison Thompson

Second Row: Hannah Bowles, Marcela Mata, David Macareno, Sebastian Campos, Daniel Garcia, Luis Garcia

Not pictured: Manoa Bagsic and Luke Muskrat